Hey guys! Big news for Neo Japan 2202! I am officially announcing that Neo Japan 2202 would be making its first step into the figurine industry, I have always wanted to physicalize the project besides doing an artbook (The book is currently put on hold indefinitely due to this project and another book going on), as a fan and artist of collectibles, it has always been a life goal to have my own line of toys.

I am lucky enough to be able to co-produce this line with the amazing Devil Toys, who specializes in high quality figures, you should check out their current line World of Order, the details are absolutely top so I feel absolutely safe that Neo Japan is in their hands.
We are releasing a worldwide limited run of 1/6 scale collectible figures, hopefully to be able to ship to every corner of the world.

Volume 1 is due to be revealed in a couple of months’ time (pre-orders would open around the beginning of fall), it is now in its early development stages, and I will be bringing updates from time to time, more information coming soon! So stay tuned on my deviantart page or my personal facebook page ( )

For now here’s a teaser to let you guys guess which guy is the first to be in line!

Exciting times! I can’t wait to show you guys the prototype!!

Also, deviantart users will have exclusives because it is where Neo Japan has started and the community has shown lots of great support and I would love to give it back to the community. When I reveal the prototype I will list what deviantart supporters/followers will get for the exclusive version :) You would also get a personal thank you message!