Protosuit - Single Photo Photobash

Photobash exercise using only one photo. One of the questions I get the most is how do I find the right photo with the right angle/lighting/perspective when photobashing, pretty much 80% of the time I can't, I wish I can but its super hard to find that exact photo you want, so most of the time its about taking what you have and make it work.

Mike Nash posted some hard surface photo references the other day and I loved the look of one of the couplings in the bunch, so I figured I should do a quick exercise using only 1 photo to create a concept of a bust, while using the elements of the original photo as a base, such as the decals/texture/ratio/colors etc. Seeing the new space force logo was officially revealed the other day, I thought it might be fun doing a prototype version of the Combat Astronaut concept I did a while back.

Real time was around 3.5 half ish, I will probably do a narrated voiceover on the real time video as a gumroad tutorial soon.

Single Photo - Photobash Concept art Exercise

Original Photo shared by Mike Nash

Original Photo shared by Mike Nash